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Personal Air Sanitizing System

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NFC charger + table holder for personal desk air purification

OQLAR is a concept designed in order to understand what the market needs in an environment where air pollution is exceeding hazardous levels and affecting health. This product is designed to provide visual feedbacks through its function as an air purifier as well as an ionizer. The product can be used in different scenarios, as a desktop or as a car purifier, researches have been done about its requirements. 

3 inch

Ionizer placement

Common cup holder attachment for cars

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74.3% air purifiers do not give a feed back that they are functioning.

The air vents have a TPE material coating that acts as a flexible silicone like structure that sucks in air and closes when not needed. These flexible vents help in maintaining the air purifier at its best purifying the air and the light inside helps one gain visual trust that the product is functioning.

An appropriate size for a portable device 

that helps in personal air sanitization even on the go. 

Removes and purifies particulate matter in the room, it offers visually appealing design with self-cleaning feature. This unit offers enhanced air purifier design compared to existing products on the market.

Air vent output

9 inch

Visual light feed back that rotates and creates a visually appealing aesthetic by indicating that the product is functional and is cleaning the air


Self cleaning

Flexible silicone vent protectors that allows the mesh to be cleaner and safe bacteria and particles.

a self cleaning approach to an air purifier

oqlar vent 3 .png

Visual Trust

Glowing visual aesthetic that provides a sense of the movement o the purifier and gives a visual feed back


Wireless charging

Wireless desk charging so that its always available ready on the go Supported by a NFC activated stand.

silver vent.png

Output protection

Controllable output vents opening and closing helps in creating the purifier free of unwanted contaminants if not in use 

87.6% air purifiers are contaminated themselves as much as the help to purify the air. 

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